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In consequence of the successful implementation of new economic principles and approaches, it has created an abundance of food and other products, daily and household goods in our country. As a result, the number of products manufactured in Turkmenistan is rapidly expanding, which fully meets the demands of the domestic and foreign markets. The role of Lebap private producers in the world market is also expanding.

The creation of favorable conditions conducive to the acceleration of trade turnover across the customs border thanks to the efforts of our Esteemed President, has a positive effect on the development of export relations. In the first three months of this year, Lebap private owners exported tens of tons of industrial products to countries such as Uzbekistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, China, the United Arab Emirates, Belarus and Azerbaijan. The "Mizemez gadam" individual enterprise also makes a significant contribution to the activation of exports. This year, the enterprise exported 113.4 thousand square meters of isogam. A huge part of the production - 83.86 sq. meters was purchased by Turkish businessmen. Also, 17.45 thousand square meters of isogam were exported to Uzbekistan. 12.3 thousand square meters of products were sold to other countries of the world. The demand for liquid bitumen mastic produced in this individual enterprise is also increasing. This year the enterprise exported about 610 tons of this product to Turkey, and more than 742 tons to Uzbekistan.

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